Interior Educators 2021: Re-Define.

We are super excited about this years Interior Educators Show – not just because it will hopefully go ahead as a real live event at the Oxo Tower in London but also because nine of our students have been nominated for prizes.

Each summer, graduating students from over thirty Interiors courses from all around the UK get together to showcase their work. This year, understandably, things are a little different, taking place at the Oxo gallery, titled “Re-Define” this hybrid analogue-digital show is exhibiting the work of the shortlisted students for each of the awards categories.
In such a challenging year we are delighted that so many of our Brighton graduates have made it down to the final shortlist of nine students, from over seventy nominations in each category. In such tough times we are extremely proud of them and their achievements.
Interior Architecture at Brighton (BAIA) is in its 26th year, the longest standing Interior Architecture course in the UK. Our undergraduate degree comprises a three-year exploration into the nature of interior space with respect to its physical and conceptual territories.

The exhibited works showcase a range of creative practices explored through social, cultural and political narratives, posing questions about the changing nature of spatial design. Through experimental realism we explore the implications of recent pasts, alternative nows and near-futures that inform the way we think about space, experience and behaviour.

At Brighton our students look to the future for redemption and progress; real people and real problems drive us – we do not accept current situation(s) as a given – we are radical and responsible – we are experimental and disciplined. Our specialty at Brighton is the cultivation in each student, of his or her spatial intelligence. We believe this is an intelligence that every person carries with them, uniquely developed as a result of their experience of space.

Our graduates are equipped with the vision and skill to develop the future of the interior. Building upon their own interests this year their work questions the;

  • Spatial relationship between humanity and gratification
  • Changing modes of living
  • Manifestation of political uncertainty into temporary and transitional architecture and spaces
  • Future of the high street

These students made it down to final 9 in the UK:

Writing Prize

  • Rosa Isaacs

Diversity, equity and inclusion

Joshua Aloquin

Cheyenne Patel

Craft & Making 

Iona Hepworth

Climate emergency and sustainability

Matilda Swift Barnard

Pushing boundaries; collaboration and interdisciplinary practice

Imogen Province

Eojin Jo

Good Luck to all.

You can find descriptions of all the award categories on the website: