Inspiring Student Awards 2021.

2021 has been a testing year to say the least and for students studying on practical courses such as Architecture and Design things have been particularly challenging. We have been so impressed by the commitment and resilience shown by our wonderful SoAD students that this year we  added an additional prize to our existing list.

We have called this the Inspirational Student Award. These are special awards that go to graduating students who have been recognised as having made the absolute most of their time at University by fully engaging with a wide range of learning opportunities both and in and beyond the studio environment.

There were so many students worthy of the award but after much deliberation two awards were made to Angel Harvey Ideozu and Vivian Wall, both third year BA Architecture students.

Student Support and Guidance Tutor, Justine Devenney commented “Supporting student wellbeing has been always been a priority in our school and has of course been of the upmost importance this year. Both Vivian and Angel have demonstrated a resourceful and proactive attitude throughout the year. Facing challenges head on and seeking advice and support when needed. They have engaged with a range of activities and services beyond their studio. Through their resilience and innovation they are both inspiring role models to other students. This award is therefore in recognition of a passion for learning in its widest sense and of the dedication and determination they have shown throughout the year, I am delighted for both of them”

On receiving the prize Vivian cited her Grandpa as being her inspiration.

In many ways he helped me feel comfortable with who I am and remain proud of myself even when I needed to ask for help. He’s the happiest person I know and always shares words of wisdom and inspiration with me. I would love quote him to show just how much I appreciate him”

”Have high self-esteem, maintain your dignity and always use common sense” – Rhonda Wellington (My Grandpa! )
Angel said “It is a great honour to win this award, I am so very grateful and humbled. I’d like to thank and dedicate this award to each of my tutors over the past four years- for the inspiration and challenge, as well as to Student Services- for all the support and guidance through this year. It has been invaluable. Thank you very much.”
Alongside the Inspiring Student Awards a special commendation goes to Foundation Year student, Imani Qamer. Imani rose to the many challenges of studying a practical course and having to work remotely for a large part of the year. They turned her home environment into their studio through lockdown and had the following thought to share.
“I believe our spaces are a manifestation of our inner workings. When my head feels full or I have something to resolve, and that metaphoric carpet I’ve been brushing things under is suddenly at capacity and literally staring me in the face, I find myself organising or improving my immediate environment as means to process and do the deeper work that’s required to move forward. I dive inward as I pull things out and get rid of that which no longer serves me. I re-think, re-build, re-assess, re-order… As I create space outside, I create space inside, and I re-surface feeling grounded, contented, and a little bit wiser.