Going behind the scenes at Seaford Museum.

Matt Reed from our MA in Architectural and Urban Design has been evolving his latest design project exploring the potential of our digital landscapes to further to our understanding and relationship to place into a live project. The work which has been featured in the Seaford Museum magazine proposes augmenting our physical urban realm with the past structures which now only exist within memory. Matt is collaborating with MAVRIC Research led by Dr Poorang Piroozfar to evolve 3D scans of the bathing machines held by Seaford Museum.

“We had a thoroughly enjoyable time at the Seaford Museum who were very accommodating opening up especially for us on a Saturday morning” said Matt “The bathing machines are the first of three subjects that I am focusing on for my augmented reality art project and it was amazing to see original examples up close.”

Bathing machines such as these historically occupied Brighton’s beaches: thanks to Seaford Museum who kindly opened their doors to offer the team the opportunity to capture these digitally.

The museum has now reopened – for more information see their website