Future Architects Workshop: Tame your inner voice.

Architecture can be a challenging degree at the best of times. But with the added stresses of the pandemic, relating compassionately to ourselves is more important than ever. Do you sometimes find your inner voice can be harsh and self-critical? Do you ever find yourself comparing yourself to others? Are your actions & behaviours reflective of self-compassion?

RIBA Education are running a Skills for Future Architects event this Wednesday 14th April evening, focusing on taming your inner voice.

This event will be taking a look at an important relationship – the one you have with yourself.┬áThe two speakers will be covering:

Priya Aiyer, MACE Group – The Architecture Student’s Mental “Survival” Kit 101

  • The 5 steps to wellbeing & how these apply to architecture students
  • Time management coping techniques
  • Crit presentation preparation tips
  • Three best methods for coping under stress

John Tapia-Owens, HOK – Design Your Mind

  • Why we feel down, how architectural education can impact this, and how to overcome it
  • When & how to communicate with friends, family & tutors about how we are feeling
  • Tutor-student communication lines
  • Improving the culture of education & practice

There will be a Q&A at the end . As a guest you can either post your question in the chat, click the “raise hand” icon in Teams & then switch on your mic (and optionally camera) when your name is called ask the presenters directly, or type it when you sign up for a free ticket. To register use this link.


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