First Year Teaching Day: In Studio !

It was so good to see the first year BA Interior Architecture students in person when they came into studio for a teaching day on Friday.

With their summative submission just over a week away everyone was very focussed on completion of their Rucksack House project.

Taking the third UK lockdown as a starting point The Rucksack House brief asked students to look at how they could make a change to their own immediate environment. Spending more time at home than ever we are now all used to the idea that our bed-rooms, living rooms, flat, house, homes are also acting as school, office, lecture theatre, creche, workshop, recording studio, pub, cinema.

So as the site for this project, students were asked to take on the wall outside of their bedroom window. The aim in this design being to push the boundaries of the confines of their individual bedrooms and to imagine an add-on as a space, a metaphoric rucksack to the bed-room, an extra bit of room outside of the building, yet snugly located and connected to the interior.

There is, perhaps, nothing more rewarding for an architect than designing their own space; so these could be safe havens out of site, a place to watch, or to be seen, a pied-a-terre where one could invite either a guest or just be alone, doing that which we used to before our private spaces were repurposed for more public functions due to the pandemic.

Throughout the second semester students have been developing  nuanced very personal approaches, building on skills and concepts developed in their first semester. Continuing to work with analogue, digital site surveying, orthographics and  axonometric drawing, model making, sysmat and digiskills techniques. Exploring the potential of narrative as a conceptual skill and starting to use perspective drawing to communicate their designs. It will be great to see the finished results and how individual students have pursued the role of materials and building technologies in pushing their designs forward to completion.