Final project for Foundation Year Students…..already!!

What a year it has been for our amazing new foundation year students who are embarking on their final design project of the year. This final project will see students designing an installation / insertion that will focus on the scale of their chosen disciplinary pathway – architecture, interior architecture or product design.

The site for the project is the amazing double height Concrete Lab over in the Heavy Engineering Building located on campus. We spent some time this week being able to safely explore, analyse and survey site, which includes working winches, testing equipment and has some amazing views of campus and the Downs beyond. Studio members were asked to undertake a photographic survey exploring specific ephemeral qualities of the site and space, as well as spend time double checking dimensional and contextual properties.

Having been randomly assigned a programme looking at activities that are solitary, interactive and performative in nature, studio members will be designing in response to site and programme to explore architectural, spatial and user-centred design proposals.

Over the last year our studio members have explored all kinds of drawing and making skills, CAD and digital fabrication techniques and different ways of communicating their ideas. This project will see them bringing all these skills together in a 7 week design project before they embark on their chosen disciplinary route.