Development of Work Home Project: Tomi Akinyemi.

Studio 12 alumni Tomi Akinyemi graduated in 2017 having done her final design project around the theme of live-work housing in Hastings. After graduating Tomi continued her architecture studies at the Delft Faculty of Architecture. There she expanded on the theme of live-work scenarios in housing in her final year. Her project was commended and selected for exhibition by the program. In light of the recent pandemic working from home has now become an important field of study for architects. Frances Holliss, the leading scholar and researcher in the area of live-work housing selected Tomi’s master’s project for publication on her research website ( Tomi’s engagement with the issue of working from home has been inventive and serious, taking in issues of economy and flexibility within the home during her undergraduate study. At Delft her study takes on an added urban dimension, questioning the types of homes put up by developers. It’s great to see an interest kindled at undergraduate level mature and taken forward at postgraduate level.

One to watch …..

There is also a small studio 12 overview published on the same site:

This is a site of the leading Live-work housing researcher in the UK Frances Holliss.