Building Confidence to Present.

Ask an Architecture student which part of their course they find most daunting and chances are most students will say the ‘crit’ (critique): an emotional and theatrical assault course all architecture students have to learn how to if not enjoy then get through.

Displaying your drawings, presenting solutions and then defending them in front of tutors, visiting critics and course mates, is both an assessment activity and instant and very public feedback.

For some students, crits can feel like nothing more than embarrassment and intimidation after weeks of hard work. But this needn’t be the case.

This week first year students attended a workshop specifically designed to build resilience when presenting.

When students present their own ideas, they are after all presenting a piece of themselves.

The workshop was mix of discussion, reflection, feedback, exploring confident behaviours and what confidence looks like, strategies to nurture self-confidence and how to maintain courage following knock backs and presenting skills.

All very valuable skills to start working on as the new academic year begins.