Belong at Brighton Extra: Making Student Connections.

Starting this Monday ….save these dates! As part of  ‘Belong at Brighton Extra’ events. We will be holding a series of presentations from students across both Part One and Part Two Architecture Courses. We have called this ‘Student Connections’ and have three sessions planned (so far) the first two are as follows

  1. Monday 8th February 1-2pm Masters Present: Kamila Oszywa and Tinashe Bonde from M’Arch  will be talking through projects and practice experience. They will be dividing the session in two halves. Tinashe will lead the first part, looking at portfolio and how I made this drawing. Kamila will then speak about practice experience in the second half of session.
  2. Monday 15th February 1-2pm. Level Five Present: Amber Warner and Lauren Goodchild will be talking through portfolios from Level Four  and also giving a ‘how to’ for the making of selected drawings.
  3. Monday 22nd February 1-2pm Masters Present: Kamila and Tinashe from M’Arch will again be talking through projects and practice experience.