A Big Thank You to Sponsors and to Dezeen: 16 brilliant architecture and design projects spotlighted.

A big thank you to all our sponsors for the School of Architecture & Design: Summer Show 2021 Prize Awards and congratulations to all the nominated students who have worked so hard in such a challenging year.

 Although we couldn’t celebrate together in person we were delighted to announce all the awards live on social media on Friday 18th June to launch our Digital Exhibition. To view the all the nominated students work see direct links to their individual pages below and read the Dezeen article that features all the prize winners.




This prize is given by Make Architects to a final year Master of Architecture student in recognition of their consistent excellence throughout the Masters programme.



This award is for innovative use of timber within a student design project at undergraduate level.

Judges Comments:

Stuart Devoil, Head of Marketing from the specialist timber suppliers James Latham PLC commended Amber’s ambitious and innovative hybrid structural timber design proposal for her high-rise urban sandwich factory and her convincing CGI renders in support of the project final representation.


Joint Runners-up

Other Nominations


This award is for final year postgraduate students in MArch and MA Interior Design, one prize each, who have developed their design skills and explored innovative ways of designing. The prizes are intended to reward students who are aware that the architectural environment can affect human behaviour and wellbeing and who have demonstrated that understanding through their research and design portfolio.

Will and Partners is a leading Design practice, specialising in workplace consultancy, fit out and Architecture to the workplace and hospitality sectors. We have a focus in developing our Academy, with an aim to furthering work from universities. Our prize supports the fabulous work of MArch and MA Interior Design at Brighton University.

  • There is a special focus on sustainability and wellness with digital acceleration
  • Recognition that design can exert a great impact on humanity and health from the level of the individual

We explore Wellness and its impact from the individual to people through to our communities, and the response of architecture and interior design. This informs our response to how we inhabit, experience, and understand the built and non-built environment and how we understand human behaviour. The Will and Partners Prize seeks to recognise and reward students proposing design mechanisms that address those challenges through in-depth research and a satisfactory solution.

We would like to admit that the work this year has been impressively good making it extremely difficult for us to distinguish only two winning students.

MArch Prizes

First Prize

Toby Brown. His work is incredibly thoughtful and rich in ideas, details of execution and visually compelling thesis. It addresses the current agenda of sustainability, climate change, pandemic and its impact on social interactions and associated restrictions of jobs from pandemic. It also makes you think about pre-pandemic issues-  affordable working space and making new lands available that can be sustainable. Each drawing / visualisation has been illustrated very beautifully and meticulously composed.

Honarable mention

Vanessa Nkumbula. Her work has a poetic quality, very sophisticated and refined but in the same time restrained. Furthermore, DC3 the architectural division of WILL+Partners would like to give an additional prize to Harry Harwood for his powerful and graphically overwhelming project.


Harry Harwood
Regina Nakansere
Ùna Haran
Jacob Waller

MAID Prizes

First Prize

Anna Hague

Honourable mention

Charlotte Holt



An award winner and second place for graduating student[s] undertaking the BA Interior Architecture or BA Architecture course deemed to have shown exceptional skill and execution in designing from the ‘Inside Out’. The projects that win the award will have displayed a cohesive thought process from quality of the interior experience through to the external architecture.

Definition of ‘designing from the Inside Out’ – “We design buildings from the inside out, rather than from the outside in, because these are the bits of the building that you use everyday. We are interested in people’s lives and experiences and how, together, we can make them better.

Firstly, we just wanted to say well done and congratulations. We can only imagine what a difficult year this has been for you all, and wanted to commend you on managing to produce such great work in such difficult circumstances.

Just as reminder, the Feix & Merlin prize is awarded to the Interior Architecture or BA Architecture student who has shown exceptional skill and execution in designing from the Inside Out. Designing with the interior experience in mind, towards the external architecture.

This year the whole studio got involved in the voting process with everyone choosing for their top three, there was a clear winner in the end, with a hotly contested spot for Runner Up and Commendation. We can now reveal the winners of the Feix & Merlin Prize 2021.

A Special Mention

Before we start with the actual awards, we wanted to give a special mention to Joshua Aloquin for BEYOND THE FRAME. We were intrigued by the premise of the project, the strength of the story telling, and applaud the use of film and collaged imagery. We look forward to your future work and wanted to encourage you to push the architectural propositions on to match the strength of the concept.


Matilda Swift-Barnard EXTINCTION REBELLION HQ & Clandestine Network of Tunnels for Protests

We enjoyed the inventive idea of the plastic laced bricks, cleverly addressing the issue of waste and sustainability in the construction industry. We appreciated the work you had done to look into materiality and how this affects the internal in terms of texture, light and shadow. Congratulations, well done.

Runner Up

Vanessa Blair – Chanoyu House

We thought this scheme dealt sensitively with the issues of inclusivity and access. We liked the way you have graphically represented daily activities and the way you thought in detail about your client’s needs. A very special look at ordinary life, and how beautifully simple that can be. This is what design should look like in our every day.


Zuzanna Maria Murzyn for Minnegård – the Tower of Memories

A clear favourite from everyone at Feix & Merlin studio. We really enjoyed the abstract and sculptural iterations, and very much liked the idea of the architecture being manifested from memories, the interior architecture of the mind being given a physical form, or at least a space to exist in the physical world. The drawings are fantastic, we loved the way the hi-tech and the classical seem to collide and create a new language of architecture. Very interesting. One to watch!


  • Apostolos Spyropoulos
  • Amber Elliott
  • Rebecca Fish
  • Hao Han Wong
  • Olly Maxwell
  • Mariam Fakhori
  • Jessica Rowley
  • Shahkar Ali
  • Eojin Jo


An award for the graduating student undertaking a course within undergraduate Interior Architecture or Architecture deemed to have shown an exceptional record of research, process and investigation leading to a design proposal.


Runners Up



First prize and second prize awards for the graduating student undertaking an undergraduate Interior Architecture course in recognition of narrative and story-telling through excellence in drawings and representation.’



A wonderful revolutionary project, very much rooted in the now, with a quite beautiful narrative of how two environmental activists come together for form an amazing partnership and alliance to do good in the world, responding to the pressures of climate change. A gorgeous heady mixture of powerful storey telling through rigorous tectonic architecture, some beautifully sensitive representation showing the quite wonderful bird bath structure. The reuse of plastic in a reimagined innovative new construction material in the atmospheric subterranean world is both ingenious and a real spectacle. There so many layers to this thoroughly well considered project. Matilda is to be congratulated for such energy and inventiveness!


The Mussel club is quite majestic in its concept and incredibly strong entrepreneurial narrative. The idea of working with water and the way in which this is harnessed for the process of mussel farming is delivered with real passion and rigor. The beautiful iterative platform drawings are reminiscent of Matisse’s abstract cut outs and give a real glimpse and flavor of how one would use and interact with such a space, with some powerful sensory moments, especially those demonstrated through the atmospheric film. There are some quite wonderful representation technique’s employed where the sections show both the tectonic qualities of the existing structure but also the sensitivity nature of the water collection fabric. Iona has created a wonderful world of sensory overload, which beautifully represented.