We are planning a Work in Progress Exhibition.

Not to be deterred by these difficult times the School of Architecture and Design are looking for entries a Work in Progress Exhibition to coincide with the External Examiner visits from 29th Jan 2021

Studio tutors will be nominating two students from each Studio or Module by the 18th of December.

As the name suggests these will be work in progress – showcasing student projects that show potential at the formative submission stage.

There will be small prizes for the winners!

Nominated students will then be notified and their work will curated into a physical and online exhibition. The wider student cohort will be invited to submit work for the exhibition via the usual channels. The examiners will then be able to access the student’s work remotely or in person.

Students will need to submit 2 small images plus their research documentation – then the team will decide which pieces are exhibited in large format in the Gallery in Mithras or Cockcroft. We will be using this event as a practice for our blended online and physical experience Show at the end of the year.

Watch this space.