Unlikely Partners Lunchtime Talks.

In preparation for the formation of our new School of Technology we are launching a series of research conversations with colleagues from CEM, SET and SoAD; the aim is for us to get to know each other better, see how we think about similar topics from our different perspectives, and thinking about if / how we may work together in the future.

To start we will run five Teams based conversations at lunchtimes on Wednesdays, under the title, “Unlikely Partners” (Teams code: a9namut).

Unlikely Partners Schedule

13:00 on Wednesday 28th October
Cultural heritages in times of digitisation and decolonisation. Katy Beinart (SoAD) & Karina Rodriguez Echavarria (CEM)
13:00 on Wednesday November 4th
The Circular City and Rethinking Architecture and Engineering. Katrin Bohn (SoAD), Duncan Baker Brown (SoAD) & Yan Wang (CEM)
13:00 on Wednesday November 11th
Hyper-local Production and Advanced Engineering. A conversation between James Tooze (SoAD) and Marco Marengo (CEM)
13:00 on Wednesday November 18th
Interplays between experimental design and engineering. Sarah Stevens (SoAD) and Poorang Piroozfar (SET)
13:00 on Wednesday November 25th
Conversations about cybernetics. Ben Sweeting (SoAD) & Haris Mouratidis (CEM)
13:00 on Wednesday December 2nd
Conversations about machine learning and design. Derek Covill (CEM) & Marcus Winter (CEM)