Say Hello and Welcome: RIBA Future Architects.

Are you interested in being featured in RIBA Future Architect welcome video for new entrants and returning students. RIBA ARE hoping to send a welcome video to all Schools of Architecture as Autumn term starts. It will be a collage/mash up of welcome messages and an intro to Future Architects – really uplifting to get people excited for the next stage of their journey in Architecture. So it’s for tutors and well, anyone as well as students.

If you (or another student you know) would like to be featured and provide a welcome message a suggested format would be:

•             15 – 30 seconds no more

•             Welcome and welcome back

•             Your name and position

•             Words of encouragement for those starting out and continuing their educational journey

•             A nugget of advice or something you wish you’d known when you were starting out

If you can send the MP4 clip back to Justine ( by the end of Wednesday 16 Sept that would be great. There will also be a release form to sign which Justine will email you when you send clip.