Same Collaboration: Different Spaces.

Brighton University Open Day is on Wednesday the 21st of October; not deterred by these challenging times the School of Architecture and Design will have a team making short Instagram Live posts on the 3rd floor of Mithras House as a way of showing the outside world around our studios and workshops.

As a School of Architecture and Design, of course we are defined by our ability to design and and think creatively about the spaces we inhabit so we have risen to the challenge of delivering our creative courses in these difficult times.

We’d really like to show how we’ve adapted our spaces for safe learning so our studio spaces can still cater for the collaborative peer learning that is at the core of many of our courses.

As students return with COVID-19 measures in place the studios will once again be alive with activity, albeit with precautions, as we return to re-establishing and re-inventing the collaborative learning environment we are used too.