Pandemic Cities: How Coronavirus Can Teach Us About Hope.

Duncan Baker Brown is this weeks Guest Editor for the Future Build, Industry Insider Newsletter – he had these opening thoughts about the current situation the built environment industry finds itself in.

These are utterly incredible times for everybody. Governments all over Planet Earth are responding to the Coronavirus pandemic like no other human-made event in history. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to think that this ability to pass legislation, to mobilise people and resources for good, could lead to a similar effort to tackle the climate emergency and the construction industry’s part in it?

We are primed to do the right thing. Over 75% of UK citizens live in UK regions where the local authority has declared a climate and ecological emergency. Politicians have then committed to being Net-Zero Carbon by 2030 or 2035, without really knowing exactly how to get there! However some people have a bit of a clue. The UK Green Building Council, the RIBA, and the London Energy Transformation Initiative (LETI), pretty much agree on the much-reduced ‘embodied’ and ‘In-use’ energy benchmarks that will take the construction industry on a very steep decent towards Net-Zero Carbon by 2050. This is significant as our industry accounts for about 45% of annual carbon emissions, 50% of raw material consumption and 60% of the UK’s waste. If we can change the way we design, build, inhabit, maintain and de-construct our built environment we will make a huge difference.

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