Making and Designing X Living: Panel Discussion.

James Tooze, Course Leader for Product Design will be taking part in a panel discussion hosted by IAAC Barcelona entitled Making and Designing x Living at 2pm Tuesday 12th May.

This is an Online Event: The power of making (and makers) has demonstrated that resilient and skilful people, with access to open source technology, can be game-changers during a crisis. Designers, engineers, medical doctors, makers, mostly everyone, contributed with a fast response to what society needed in an agile and collaborative way. The world that is about to come is not determined yet, we can take the best from extreme situations and make it foundational of the futures we want to create. We will gather a group of leaders in the field of design, technology, engineering, and social impact, in order to share with the world what it means to be able to make almost anything… together.

Use this link to request an invite to the session:


This session is part of an open competition that final year students can submit work to, for the 8th Advanced Architecture Contest

The Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC) calls its 8th Advanced Architecture Contest as a global reflection to rethink human habitats, at a time when the fight for life and climate allows us to consider how we would like to live in the coming decades.

The contest encourages participants to propose a design related to their way of life, at the scale that most interests them from our bodies to the city, anywhere in the world, and that reflects different cultural, environmental, economic or social conditions.

The 3 Prizes (total value: 62.250 EUR) will be distributed at the discretion of the Global International Jury and will include cash prizes and 3 Master Programs at IAAC to  choose from MAA01,  MAEBB, MDEF, MACT and MRAC. All of the projects selected will be featured in a special book produced in partnership with the Actar publishing house like in the previous editions. See prizes here:

The Registration is FREE, and the competition entries should be submitted digitally in PDF files via the Internet.

Good luck everyone.