Green Architecture Sessions

Every September our School of Architecture and Design are closely involved and participate in the annual Green Architecture Day.

This year the event has been rebranded as the Green Architecture Sessions 2020 and will take place from 21st September to 3rd October. This is an important conference full of inspiring talks about how we can build, work and live in greener, healthier buildings and communities. This year is all about ACTION.

This year, our impressive lineup of talks will focus on actions needed to address the climate and biodiversity crisis.

You’ll hear about the latest cutting-edge solutions – from regenerative living materials, circular construction systems to community-led bio-manufacturing and equitable business models, to diverse and carbon neutral green roof adaptation and how we can transform the property industry to operate within planetary boundaries while facilitating prosperity.

Each year people come together to learn from the dynamic change makers who are creating the present and future of practical, innovative and holistic design. Green Architecture Sessions welcomes participants who are architects, engineers, construction professionals and design students, to permaculture designers and interested individuals. The event is always a melting pot of creativity and innovation.

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