From Now On ……AA lecture.

Duncan Baker Brown is giving a public lecture at the Architectural Association next week.
The lecture series is under a title “From Now On” and poses the following questions.
In these difficult times where we do stand? From now on what should we care for? what should we think? what should we act?
“The time for action is now. All of us living on this earth must contribute as best we can to looking after it. But as architects and engineers, designers and facilitators, our contribution is a very direct one. For our contribution to be positive and decisive there has to be a radical and profound change in the way we approach design. We are no better than our forefathers but it is clear that up until now we have been designing in a manner that has often been irresponsible. FROM NOW ON is about drawing a line: up to now we have done it this way, from now on we need to design in a radically different way. Therefore it is about the knowledge and discernment needed to get it right this time. Better knowledge of materials is not enough. To fit in with the ways of Nature is good but also not enough. We are Nature. We are the most rational part of nature. The radical change that is needed now comes from this awareness. ” 
Here’s the AA Zoom channel and there is another link for Facebook on the AA website..