First University of Brighton Activists-In-Residence appointed.

The University of Brighton has just appointed its first Activists in Residence, Ven Paldano and Shona Raine from the Queer Trans Intersex People of Colour (QTIPoC) Narratives Collective Brighton. Ven is a SoAD alumni having completed her Part 1 BA Architecture in our school.

They will receive a £2,000 budget to work for between one and two months on a project exploring the ways folklore has subverted oppressive systems and institutions that have silenced historical cultures of indigenous gender fluidity.

Since graduating Ven who is a non-binary trans-masculine queer person of colour (QPoC) has been working as an entrepreneur, architectural assistant and community organiser, and co-founded Brighton QTIPoC Narratives Collective to make ‘safer space’ for QTIPoC. As someone who works in property renovations and was until recently a restaurateur, Ven is particularly focused on the power and application of craft, skill sharing, community mental health and wellbeing.

Shona is a QTIPoC writer and poet, currently studying Yoga and BSc(Hons) Psychology. Dealing mainly with themes of identity, prejudice, myths and mental health

The programme has been launched by the university’s Centre for Transforming Sexuality and Gender and Radical Futures, which harnesses disruptive ideas, open debate and progressive thinking to redress inequalities and social injustices of the twenty-first century.