Exciting developments with End of Year Show (online).

The show must go on …..preparation for our End Of Year show has continued this week and it’s looking good.

This week a small team of SoAD staff met with the web developers to discuss and sign off on a holding page for our brand- new website. We have spent considerable time trawling through some of the many, many photos that have been taken in more normal times. Students and staff doing what they do best, making, building, designing and collaborating in true SoAD style.

Over the next few days and weeks we will be adding some of our favourite images to a rolling banner on the new site and then we are counting down the days until we officially take possession of the site on 5th June.

From then on a group of staff and students will be hard at work testing, file types, uploads and the all -important resolution of images to ensure that all work featured looks both professional and interesting to both internal and external visitors to the show.

Obviously this year we won’t be collecting and storing all your physical drawings and models in Mithras House, so we will also be producing video tutorials to help staff and students with uploading processes and how to make and export certain content.

From the 12th June,  we will then be asking students to help with the following:

Testing the upload instructions and procedures.

Providing feedback about the interface and functionality.

Testing file types, including digital models ( using this:  https://www.babylonjs.com/ )

Testing Teams Live events and how they might plug into the opening events and activities, External Examiners visits, mock interviews…

There is still lots to do so please help make your end of year show the success it deserves to be by taking part in these exciting preparations, and of course watch this space for what happens next.