Duncan nominated in Construction Week Role Model short list.

Duncan Baker Brown has been nominated as a UK Construction Week role model. The UKCW Role Models 2020 received a record number of entries and there were 102 shortlisted Role Models out of hundreds of entries, from all professions and at all levels.

Congratulations to Duncan, the winner will be announced at UK Construction Week 2021 (4-6 May 2021). For further information about the UKCW Role Models 2020 Campaign click here.

When asked why he loves working in the construction industry Duncan said

“Because it is the industry that, above all others, has the potential to create beautiful places for everybody. It also has the potential to transform humankind’s negative burden on Planet Earth into a much more positive relationship; we don’t have to destroy the natural world in order to create beautiful cities”

In terms of his own role models “that’s easy Greta Thunberg ….for her bravery and sheer clarity of message!!”