Don’t Shout …it’s all good !

As Architecture and Design staff and students of course we are pretty good at re building and re configuring the studio spaces we work in. So we really liked this clear graphical description (below) found by Luis Diaz, Course Leader for BA Architecture. It clearly explains safe working practices, situations to avoid, and how to ensure staff and students are safe while on campus (and in bars). It concisely explains how the virus can be both slowed and spread depending on time, physical closeness and even the significant difference shouting makes.

The graphic tallies with both the School and University of Brighton  Covid-19 instructions and is supported by the way we have set out our teaching spaces. SoAD have recently received praise from across the University for our preparation and Covid safe spaces, Brookie Fraser-Jenkins, our Safety HUB Manager said “the spaces and studios in the School (SoAD) look fantastic and are ready for you to return”. 

It is great to see that slowly, but surely students are getting used to returning to working on campus, safe in the knowledge that the newly designed spaces and guidelines will keep everyone safe.

Given that we need to remain safe and vigilant, this graphic is a helpful reminder and reassurance that we have put in place measures that will allow us to operate safely in our teaching spaces and technical facilities.

Due to Covid-19 we have also had to radically alter the way our reprographics room is run as we can no longer allow open access to the space. From Monday 2nd November Reprographics, located on the third floor of Mithras House, will become a print bureau. No need to stand in queues or wait for printing to finish, students can simply email their request into the team, share your files, and the print team will take it from there, and even deliver the completed printing to the collection point in the School reception area.

Moreover if you need to share ideas with other students, work safely in a group or just need a secure place to work outside halls, you can now book a work space through WRaP 

Finally if students are worried or just need a chat about anything at all they can email Justine Devenney, our SSGT on or set up a face to face meeting with her on Teams.

We’re looking forward to seeing you.