Design, Making and Well-Being Event.

As part of our virtual degree show celebrations Nick Gant has prepared a very timely discussion session around Design, Making and Well-Being.

Discussions will focus on the co-creation of the Grangemead Carehome by staff and students from UOB, the approach to inclusive design and the value of creativity process in supporting health and social care in these challenging times.

Nick is a fantastic host as he is well versed in delivering talks and discussions all around the world – and even crits by Skype as the picture shows. In these challenging times it promises to be a good event, a really positive story with some creative outcomes so we hope you join us and sign up to the event on next Friday 17th July at 11am.

Hope to see you there – this the booking link for the event you can send the link out to anyone who wishes to book on for the event. Their confirmation booking has the link to the video as well as the link to the team live event for them to watch.