• Image taken from Isobel Creed’s Desert Island Drawing film of her husband, architect Jim Creed’s holiday sketch.

Desert Island Drawing.

During these strange times when many of us are struggling with isolation a new and timely project, Desert Island Drawing has been launched by the Centre for Arts and Well Being which was launched earlier this year. Students (and staff) from different schools at the University are all invited to view and contribute. The project asks you to create a selection of 8 drawings you would choose to take with you if you were marooned. The first four films are now available to watch at https://blogs.brighton.ac.uk/artswellbeing/desert-island-drawings/.
These are open-access mini-resources, rather than lectures. The emphasis is on saying a little about what drawing means to us and showcasing the different types of drawing that sustain us. You don’t need to have specialist knowledge, as it is about sharing your preferences and giving your perspective.

The image here is taken from Isobel Creed’s film of her husband, architect Jim Creed’s holiday sketch. ‘Sketch of Italian village’ by Jim Creed from Desert Island film Isobel Creed 2020  If you are tempted to create your own, please feel free to make it as low-tech or high-tech as you like – it is more interesting and will appeal to more people if there is a mix of approaches.

Here is a (very simple) guide on what to do:

Share the eight drawings you would choose to take with you, if you were to be stranded on a desert island

  1. Your name and email
  1. Describe your occupation and your interest/involvement in drawing (optional)
  1. Which are the 8 drawings you would choose to have with you if you were stranded on a desert island?
These can include drawings made by you, or others. They don’t need to be ‘famous’. Please give a description of each drawing, the artist and the source you obtained them from and describe why you chose them in a recorded commentary to your images – or in brief, written notes. Your selection can include any drawing that is interesting or important to you, in whatever way and we are particularly interested in drawings that support you/your wellbeing.
  1. If you had to choose 1 drawing out of the 8, which would it be, and why?
In your recorded commentary / written notes, please say which of your selected drawings this would be.
  1. Images and permissions
When sending us your images and commentary, if you have rights to the image, please confirm that we can use it or make a reference to the relevant licence (eg Creative Commons), as your Desert Island Drawings will be made publicly available. If the images are from a gallery or book, we’ll do our best to find a copy we can use without breaching copyright.
  1. How to provide your Desert Island Drawings
If possible, please provide as a film or a narrated slideshow. Either send the files or provide a link to the streaming service you have used, eg vimeo or youtube and forward to to p.lyon@brighton.ac.uk.

 If you would like to submit your images in a different format and would like assistance please contact Rob Englebright – r.englebright@brighton.ac.uk.