Dearhunter: Travelling, Inhabiting and Spatial Manifestations.

MArch studio 3 / Anuschka Kutz, Kris Scheerlinck and invited guests would like to invite you to join them for an upcoming talk on Mapping and Cartopology.

Dearhunter: Travelling, Inhabiting and Spatial Manifestations

Making cartopological maps through practical exercises. Please join us for an introductory talk by Dearhunter on Cartopology. Students who are not in MArch studio 3, please make sure you cross-check with your studio tutors before attending.

9.00 am to 9.30am, Thursday 19th of November. Please use this link to join the intro talk:

Please note that this is an event hosted on a Video-conferencing platform from an external institution and is not subject to UoB regulations.

DEARHUNTER. Marlies Vermeulen and Remy Kroese.

Dear Hunter is an artistic research practice that produces maps and atlases based on ethnographic fieldwork and the founder of what is called ‘cartopology’. The practice was established in 2014 and works for (mainly) governments across Europe on mapping (the use of) public space with the aim of better understanding it. In addition to practicing cartopology, the team of Dear Hunter (Marlies Vermeulen and Remy Kroese) teaches cartopology on various universities in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

Dearhunter would contribute by sharing experience and knowledge and by bringing in resources and distinct networks through integrated workshops, debates, symposia and input in funding bids through subsidy trajectories.