Brilliant start for our new Foundation Course.

What a first six weeks it’s been for the new SoAD foundation course! Students have undertaken six projects already, and there’s no stopping yet before the end of term…

It all started in studio with some blind drawing meet and greet tasks before heading down to Brighton Beach for an observational drawing task to get to know the city and their new groups. So far, the studio has explored sketch model making, prototyping, orthographic drawing, collage, net drawing and net design, textile explorations, photocopy drawing, tonal drawing techniques, analytical drawing, sketching, maquette making, spot welding, form, structure and surface… and they’ve even built their own camera!

Some gorgeous, brilliant work is emerging, so watch this space for some more updates and check out the SoAD Foundation Instagram page for more work – soadfoundation.

Here’s to more experimenting, playing and creating!

Rob Vinall: Course Leader.