Brighton School of Architecture & Design headlined in Architect’s Journal as leaders in Environmental and Social Issues.

A huge congratulations goes to everyone at the end of an academic year like no other. Our School of Architecture and Design has headlined in a special edition of the Architects Journal with two articles, which is no mean feat in these challenging times.

M’Arch, MA Sustainable Design, BA Architecture, BA Interior Architecture and Product Design are all highly praised for both individual student projects and a great online End of Year Show, and also the response to Architecture Education Declares call for changes to the curriculum. Our well established reputation for environmental awareness and the strong sense of social justice that permeates through student projects is also recognised, with our School acknowledged as being a leader in both social and environmental thinking that informs practice.

The article also reminds us that the year started with the launch of both  ‘ ‘ The Future We Want ‘ and ‘ The School for Reconstruction’. The School of Reconstruction should have been launching this August but due to it being an International project is now postponed due to the Coronavirus pandemic but is still very much going ahead.

The School of Re-Construction is a Summer School for students and young professionals from the world of architecture and design. It will be based in Brighton and run for a week in August 2021.  It is being curated and co-ordinated by staff from the School of Architecture & Design in partnership with Rotor DC from Brussels and Bellastock from Paris. It is part of the INTERREG NWE FRCBE project considering ways of de-constructing buildings instead of demolishing them and crucially demonstrating ways to re-use these second-hand building components in new developments. Further statements will be made in the autumn of 2021.

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The Architects Journal is very focussed on the climate emergency and a recent opinion piece by Duncan Baker Brown also praises the school for our climate literacy.