Brighton Disruptors: Architects Journal 2020 Disruptors List.

With so many changes taking place in the architecture profession and the emphasis on climate emergency, this years Architects Journal 100 highlights many small practices, networks and individuals who are challenging the norms of traditional practice to push their work in a more sustainable direction. This year 25 ‘disruptors’ were selected to mark 25 years of the AJ100, which traditionally celebrates business success and focuses on the 100 largest architect practices in the UK.

The 2020 disruptors include practices and organisations dedicated to environmental sustainability and as such the list is well endowed with Brighton students and staff both past and present.

BBM Sustainable Design (which is of course our very own Duncan Baker Brown and Ian McKays practice). Studio Gill founded by Pedro Gill who ran the very successful Studio 55 for many years at Brighton and is also an ex Brighton student. The image here is of LifeSpan House one of Pedro’s current housing projects for outer London.

Also featured are Brighton Alumni Wilf Meynell’s Studio Bark whose Box House is pictured here and Harry Paticas’s Aboreal.