BIAAS Lecture with Architecture Education Declares & Architects Climate Action Network.

Sarah Broadstock from Architect’s Climate Action Network, ACAN, and also a (practicing architect at Studio Bark) will be giving a talk on the climate crisis movement itself and the power students have to drive change in the face of climate and ecological breakdown.
Students will also hear from Poppy Becke, who set up Architectural Education Declares and is  Research Assistant & Change Coordinator at the Bartlett. She will introduce Architecture Education Declares to us all.
This is not one to miss! Here’s a taster of what’s to come:
“This state of emergency calls for a new kind of professionalism. We can no longer remain secluded within our personal and professional silos. Instead we are harnessing our collective agency; as citizens with a shared professional background and a common goal, mobilising to bring about necessary changes to our industry.” – ACAN
“Our institutions’ pedagogical systems must recognise the intrinsic link between ecological breakdown and social injustice. It is imperative we adopt an intersectional analysis of climate change and acknowledge that the threats of ecological breakdown vary in intensity depending on class, race, gender and geography. We must therefore constantly challenge global inequities of power by re-negotiating our entanglement with high finance, the construction industry, real estate, and the neoliberal state.” – Architecture Education Declares
Have a look at what they’ve been up to via :
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We hope everyone can make it! There’s no excuse if you’re at home …
Stay safe and well
PS there will be no illegal bar