A BIAAS T Shirt for a year like no other.

The limited edition BIAAS T Shirt is something of a tradition in the School of Architecture and Design. Designed students but treasured by staff and students alike they always sell out.

Last year we ran a competition in partnership with the Architects Benevolent Society to design a T Shirt that promoted a positive message about studying architecture and mental health. The T Shirt almost sold out on the opening night of the End of Year Show alone.

This year with students being away from their studios and their course mates they still wanted to carry on the tradition. Moreover produce a T Shirt that would mark getting through a final year like no other.

The 2019/20 BIAAS T Shirt has been designed by Alastair Manley, who had this to say “Sometimes even the most boring parts of architecture can be fun. We should not dwell on the difficult ending to the year but instead reminisce on the good times. With the submission moving into the digital realm, BIAAS has organised a T-Shirt so that the students can keep something physical to remember the year of 2019/20

We are optimistic about the future and will try our best to keep finding humour in a few drawing annotations…”

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BIAAS – 2019/20