University of Fish Processing wins RIBA prize.

Angharad Webber from M’Arch Studio 02 was awarded a RIBA prize at last weeks Graduate Show for her Part 2 Project.  Her project this year consisted of designing a university campus along the West Quay riverside strip in Newhaven, which would provide learning spaces to bring an awareness and development of the wider range of products and technology which can be produced through the fishing industry. The aim of the proposal was to break down the current barriers between the fishing commerce in Newhaven and its local community.

The technical investigations connected with this project included the design and testing of an external tile cladding system. In order to test the design of the tile, she built a press machine which allowed her to manufacture the tile out of different materials. Results from such investigations led to the building of a 1:1 façade patch, which helped to influence the design proposal of the campus buildings.

Paul Zara, Chair of RIBA Sussex Branch commented “Angharad Webber’s Pt 2 project , intriguingly a fish processing university on Newhaven’s West Quay, consisted of lanes and unused open spaces between the River Ouse and the town’s private back gardens. We enjoyed the investigation of the design and testing of the external tile cladding system, and the drawing we chose was the section through the main lecture hall space.  Very enjoyable”