Remembering John Andrews.

It is with great sadness that the School of Architecture and Design announce the untimely death of our friend and colleague John Andrews. John had taught a the University of Brighton for many years. His unique drawings inspired both staff and students alike. John came to the Architectural Association from the Chelsea School of Art in 1974, and was the founder, of the London Summer School. He had a way of bringing about unlikely conversations that featured friends and provocateurs and was a master of ephemera, in which he found hidden connections to the larger concerns of society. His own drawings and paintings were exquisite, elegant and evocative. He taught and lectured all across the world; Cornell, the Pratt Institute, and Columbia, Texas and Mexico City and in Australia where he became Professor of Architecture and Design at RMIT and is remembered with great affection. He taught and inspired so many and in so many places, and was always generous with his time and attention. John was an extraordinary man, a traveller of the roads less trodden, a master of hidden connections, a conjurer and a provocateur of the imagination

Our Head of School Robert Mull was taught by John “His life and work were celebrated at an event at theĀ  AA on Saturday The first day I arrived at the AA as a student in 1980 I met this extraordinary tutor. He was so cool. A marvellous cross between David Byrne and Tom Courtenay. Maverick, creative and generous. His quiet contribution to architectural culture has been significant and will reverberate for a long time. I really regret we did not have more time to work together here in Brighton”

Friend and Colleague Terry Meade also shared his thoughts.
“I learned of the death of our colleague John Andrews with much sadness. We enjoyed many conversations together, which touched the wider reaches of art and architecture. The conversations were always open-ended, crossing territories as diverse as ancient cultures, semiotics, mysticism, travel and politics. It was always a delight to find that in our conversations, an event, an image or a word might trigger new creative possibilities. This is clearly evident in the range of John’s thinking displayed on his website: John was a vastly experienced educator who taught in many places. His colleagues at RMIT in Melbourne wrote that “John transformed the Interior Design program at here RMIT and we continue to enjoy and benefit from many of the changes that happened during his time here in Melbourne.” His creative mind will be greatly missed.”