Reading Architecture.

BA Architecture first year students have been spending lots of time at Sussex University campus immersing themselves in the architecture of Sir Basil Spence for this terms Reading Architecture module.

Sir Basil Spence created a number of highly distinctive and cherished signature buildings for the Falmer campus which we are lucky enough to have right on our doorstep,  just ten minutes away from our own Moulescombe campus. These include Falmer House, the Meeting House and the refurbished Attenborough Centre for the Creative Arts (formerly the Gardner Arts Centre).

Each week the students have been undertaking various drawing and detailed observation activities. All the exercises are intended to get students to really ‘look’ and ‘understand’ the buildings Spence designed; and the ways in which pathways and movement through the campus works.

By the end of the module they will have not only produced some beautiful hand drawings but will have been introduced to a variety of approaches that can be applied to analyse buildings through the lenses of design, humanities and technology. By deconstructing buildings through these various lenses they will have a deeper understanding of architectural considerations and an essential knowledge base that will be carried forward into future projects.