Projects Review Day.

There was a real buzz around the studios on Thursday as the new year kicked off with a great Projects Review Day. Students were asked to display their individual work from Term One and then discuss their projects throughout the day. The aim being to both look at the most effective ways of exhibiting work and to re engage with studio tutors and peers after the long Christmas break.

This proved to be a very positive start to the new term. Students were able to discuss both their own work and give feedback and observations on each others work. Everyone was encouraged to participate in discussions in a way that was proactive yet less intense than a crit. The open plan nature of the studio spaces meant that students from both BA Architecture and other courses could roam around the exhibitions and engage with the work. It also allowed students to get a feel for different studios as a way of thinking about studio choices next year.

Course Leader Ben Sweeting commented “It was great to have time just to look at some of the work from Term One. Sometimes architecture school can seem all about producing more, but looking at what you’ve already done and seeing it in a new way is an important creative act.”