Jack Parker wins RIBA prize.

Congratulations to Jack Parker from Studio 66 on winning RIBA Sussex Branch Prize for his Catford Nettle Factory. Here Jack tells us about his project.

“Continuing on from the previous project’s consideration of the urban environments existence with nature, I wanted to further explore the role nature plays in the urban environment. In this regard, I want to focus on pollution and more specifically how this affects the river’s standing in the modern city and on site, in Catford. Pollution of water and waste pollution highly affect the Ravensbourne River and it has become overgrown and untended, resulting in a lack of biological diversity. The project looks at one of the tenacious plants that remain – the Stinging Nettle. The project is a production centre for nettle fabrics which looks to nurture the existing natural ecosystem of the river to help create a more balanced ecosystem whilst also addressing the idea of an urban-agricultural union.”

Jack Parker’s Pt 1 work stood out for its overall quality of thought and presentation.  For the RIBA prize we have to choose a specific drawing or model, and his drawing (the one at the top – I don’t have the images yet) was particularly impressive.  The thinking behind the Catford based project, centred around the River Ravensbourne, its history and the effects of pollution, was interesting and served as a strong narrative for the project.  A well deserved winner.” Paul Zara, Chair, RIBA Sussex Branch.

Well Done Jack.