Graham Perring: The Bethel School, Burkina Faso.

Back in 2010 Studio 06 Tutor, Graham Perring visited Burkina Faso for a feasibility study into the building of Bethel Scondary School. Graham was then appointed as Lead Project Architect once the Community Participation Project was in its design stages from 2010-12. He then went on to complete a daring fundraiser climb up Mount Kilimanjaro. This week Graham has been helping prepare for an inspiring  Make Design Matter Talk about the project and the team’s experiences.

The Bethel School in Gourcy was one of the few places where 450 children could attend secondary school but prior to construction of the new campus, it was severely overcrowded with 4 children sharing a single desk in many classrooms. The existing two-storey concrete buildings were dark and very hot. Article 25 teamed up with Giving Africa and the local mission Association Evangélique d’Appui et Développement (AEAD) to design and build five new classrooms, three vocational teaching spaces, as well as outdoor teaching space, a library, latrines and changing rooms for sports. The new construction increased the school places from 480 to 1000. The new buildings have been designed to make indoor spaces comfortable despite the harsh climate which sees 45˚C temperatures in summer.

Make Design Matter is a series of monthly inspirational talks for humanitarians. Hosted by Article 25, in partnership with the BRE Trust and venue host NLA, the talks bring together outstanding design professionals who work to support the most vulnerable in society across the developing world. These inspiring monthly panel discussions consider the pursuit of progressive, sustainable architecture which focus on the communities they serve.

Meet the architects and designers at the forefront of creative and positive change in building design for international development at tomorrows talk  (21st feb) which will take place from 6.30 – 8.30 pm at New London Architecture, 26 Store Street London (map)