Global Free Unit Summer Workshops 2019: Apply Now!!

A exciting series of Summer Workshops 2019 to be curated by the Global Free Unit (GFU) this summer are now a reality and we have workshops planned in the UK, Russia, South Korea and within the refugee crises in Lesvos, Greece. The GFU is in process of launching a website so there will be updates on this very soon. Students are invited to take part in any of the workshops and they will remain open to applicants until the end of May 2019.

However, in advance of that we have just heard that our Swedish partners at Umeå University have been able to get funding for a limited number of places which are open to all students as EU students. So Umeå University are inviting applications.

Details can be found here:,-exploration-and-reflection/announcement-of-summer-workshops-2019/

There are three workshops linked to the Global Free Unit – Seoul, Nikola Lenivets and Lesvos. Our Head of School, Professor Robert Mull is directly involved in curating the Nikola Lenivets and Lesvos workshops.

If you are interested please make an application as described in the above link. Unfortunately, time is short and the absolute deadline is this Friday 15thMarch. Applications will be determined by staff at Umeå University and applicants will know quite soon if they are successful.

If successful you will pay no fees for the workshop but you will still need to pay for travel and in some cases accommodation.

To make an application follow the instructions on the link and also copy your application to – for more information students can also contact Robert Mull direct.