Georgina Wood: Brexit Shorts.

Brexit Shorts, by Geena Wood from Broadcast Industries studio was a joint winner for the Studio b.a.d & Chora prize and received an honourable mention from Chalk Architecture at last weeks prize giving.

Geenas’ project is a direct response to the current political and social turmoil within the UK as a result of the Brexit referendum. Here she describes her response. “The proposal is my interpretation of the Brexit Shorts scripts as a site specific immersive theatre installation into the National Car Park for Brighton Festival 2019.The unique design element is the interactive relationship between the visitor and the spatial experience, journey and intervention. The set designs include symbolism through sculptures, and user interaction with fabric curtains and technological elements.
Thursday 23rd June 2016 held the referendum in which 51.9% of the UK voted to leave the EU. The political milestone sent our nation into a spin – what seems to be one of Britain’s most profound political crises, has left most of us in a state of complete bewilderment. Brexit Shorts documents the post-Brexit experiences of 8 characters from different walks of life within the UK (the plays were originally released as videos online by the Guardian).
The host building is a stark brutalist NCP structure hidden within the heart of Brighton city centre. The vast and bold interiors combined with layered structures and voids in the façade provide a concrete playground for spatial intervention. This project uses the site as an environment for installation design and space making to reignite the spark of site specific performance within Brighton, using our current unstable political state as a catalyst for creative theatrical experiences”