Friday For Futures in Berlin and Brighton.

Fridays for Futures. What does the President of the Technische Universität (TU) Berlin think?

While tutors from our School of Architecture and Design participated in Brighton’s Friday for Future’s Youth Strike4Climate, Katrin Bohn and our Deputy Head of Research, Andre Viljoen joined fellow protestors at the march in Berlin. As with Brighton, there was a huge crowd, estimated by the organisers to be about 270 000 people, of all ages including a group of proud “Omas gegen rechts” (Grandmothers against the right-wing), recycled slogans from the sixties, “Make love not CO2” and of course “There is no Planet 2”.

As our own School of Architecture and Design works to find ways to address the climate crisis, we were interested to see the large and public presence of the Technische Universität (TU) Berlin, where Katrin held the post of Guest Professor for Nutrition and the City. Seeing the President of the TU, Professor of physics Dr. Christian Thomsen on the frontline we asked if he would like to say a few words for the Blog, about why he was there.

He was happy to be filmed but due to the lively background noise very hard to hear, but here is what Professor Thomsen said: “I am here because I think it is vital to protect our climate. Today the Climate Cabinet of Chancellor Merkel will decide on how to advance climate protection. I think the main point will be high price, a reasonably high price for Carbon Dioxide emissions. I think that’s the way to go, that will produce innovation in industry and generate new jobs……and that’s the way to go otherwise we will be doomed with bad climate.”