Emerging plans for future High Street 2030.

In Semester one BAIA studio Subject to Change deployed methods of stop-frame animation as a means to explore, develop and communicate their research findings leading to a vast array of emerging programmes for the ‘future high street’ of Brighton 2030…

Light follies appear throughout dis-used pockets of the city attaching themselves to their surrounding these will become centres of 24hour activity; Rise in online shopping and cafe culture will lead to a new hybrid ‘Social Retail’ experience; Temporary event spaces to plug-in to disused shops; City allotment creating outdoor gardens for residents and beer garden to support local pub; The centralisation of food outlets will lead to super-efficiency and in turn free up time for a range of other self-care activities from swimming, massage to socialising; Sky-gardens designed to combat the need for more green space in conjunction with the inevitable building up of the city; An over ground walkway from Imperial Parade to Pavilion gardens will provide a new perspective of the city… And many many more.

As we enter semester two our next steps are to reflect as we return to the various high street sites, delving deeper into the existing architecture in which these proposals will manifest.