Dis/Ordinary Architecture Project.

First year Interior Architecture students had been participating in a weeklong workshop with internationally renowned artist Rachel Gadsden, an opportunity made through the connection with Jos Boys Drawing beyond sight’ and the Dis/Ordinary architecture project. The Dis/Ordinary Architecture project was established to enable a diverse range of disabled artists to collaborate with architectural students, educators and professionals to continue developing creative and innovative disability-led ways of working around the design of built space; promoting the importance of disabled creativity in informing building design processes.
Rachel works across both mainstream and disability arts and is particularly interested in cross-cultural visual dialogues that consider the most profound notions of what it is to be human, “my voice is that of a life’s experience of disability”. She uses this experience to investigate and express how we negotiate space, expanding the way we see the world with an enhancement of creative vision through actually having limited vision. Through this weeklong collaboration with Rachel the students developed new and unknown ways of looking at and representing the world.
Rachel run various drawing and creative workshops to further the students skills and abilities to visualise experiences which shape spaces. The students learned how to interrogate space and history in order to creatively visualise the urban palimpsest, which will both inform and be the starting point of your design process.
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