Brighton represented at Alternative Histories Exhibition.

An interesting exhibition curated by Marius Grootveld and Jantje Engels, with Drawing Matter and the Architecture Foundation opened this weekend and includes work by some of our external examiners, staff and Brighton School of Architecture alumni. The exhibition is a conversation between past and present, the page and the three dimensional, the real and the imagined. 84 practices across Europe and the UK were invited to respond with a model to a drawing from the collection of Drawing Matter. These models have been brought together at 6 Cork Street.

The thesis of this exhibition has a promising legitimacy but who knows about the outcomes. Make sure you check work by William Burges, a Brighton School of Architecture graduate whose Practice 31/44  is one of the more interesting architectural practices in London. Professor Charles Holland’s practice has contributed Strawberry Gothic Forever which draws on a number of architectural fantasies. Primarily, it can be seen as an anglicised version of Lautner’s house for Edgar Ewing, a circular structure intended for the Los Angeles hills but now embedded in the chalk face of the North Downs. But it also contains other references: to Buckminster Fuller’s dreams of a lightweight geodesic architecture, to the nostalgic craft utopia of William Morris and to the high-tech fantasies of the 1960s avant garde. “The model has an autobiographical quality, a collection of objects and reference points that we have drawn together and re-assembled in our own corner”

This looks to a fascinating show (if slightly over-intellectualised)  however there will be some lovely drawings and models to see for sure.

The show runs until April 14th for information go to