Architecture Education Declares Group.

There is no longer any need to debate the existence of rampant Climate Change and the Mass Extinction of species. The time for action is right now. The industry that we as Architects and future Architects are an integral part of consumes 50% of the world’s raw materials mined annually and creates 60% of CO2e emissions.

However we have the power to effect positive change, and do it quickly.

Duncan Baker Brown has practiced, researched, and taught around issues of sustainable development for over 25 years. His research tests the viability of a number of practices and materials, recognising the potential of discarded “waste” as a valuable resource in the future of construction, as well as live projects as valuable teaching aides. Duncan and we as a school very much want to promote the work of Architecture Education Declares, the latest group to demand that people takes these issues seriously. So please sign their letter and demand “A call for Curriculum Change” throughout the Architecture profession. With a powerful campaign and petition launched this week led by students across UK schools and now growing internationally. It’s great that some Heads have already signed up……watch this space.

You can sign up via this link

OR you can sign up when our Graduation Show opens tomorrow night.