Amy King nominated for Women in Property Award.

‘Being nominated for the Women in Property awards has been a great experience. Despite the daunting task of preparing for a panel interview. With the support of many tutors at the University of Brighton, I was able to deliver a successful presentation with positive feedback from the judges. The awards ceremony was a great opportunity to meet the other women involved in the process. The event held at Savills, one of the many sponsors, hosted over forty nominees from four areas of the South East. The evening began with a C.V workshop, which I found particularly helpful in showcasing good presentation skills and professionalism in your writing. The workshop focussed on property industries including, real estate and building surveying. Overall it was very informative. The evening began by showcasing our various presentations from the panel interview. The work I had prepared was three A1 boards as a discussion point for my first term of work. I was able to network with industry guests invited to the event, and my fellow nominees and their respective tutors. The occasion concluded with the allocation of awards. There were four awards and two recommendations. Unfortunately, on this occasion, I did not win on the night, but was grateful for the opportunity to be nominated. The highlight for me was being part of a campaign which recognises and champions women in a male dominated industry. The prevalence of professional women as role models is personally inspiring and needs to be a model for the future. This challenge is the first step towards being a professional in this industry and part of a new influx of women in property.’