All aboard for first site visit.

This year BA Interior Architecture students in BI studio will be exploring questions around British identity; breaking free from the shackles of dividedness to propose exciting architectural and spatial visions for a not to distant future. They will be taking inspiration from cultural, technological, political, and social influences to define a forward thinking national identity. Their site will focus on the West Pier, Brighton – a structure that once exuded British identity, now lies as a historical relic to times gone by. They will also be focusing on the wider seafront context and how both physical and visual connections to the West Pier are made. So on a wet and windy Monday they made their first site visit ….by boat. The pictures capture the spirit of being at sea on a memorable day; Lexi and Beth from Studio BI told us more.

“On a wet Monday morning, we headed to The Werks, Brighton. The brief was released! The West Pier is our architectural playground for the 2019/2020 academic year! From the moment the day begun, great plans for the next 8 weeks were discussed – touching base on sustainable materials, temporary structures, the identity of Britain and the history of the West Pier. To kick off the team, the BI “blind drawing, get to know your opposer minute challenge” took place just before entering a voyage on the sturdy, yet unwilling Rossanne to visit the site! With cameras and sketchbooks at the ready, the task of documentation was a mental and physical impossibility as this bleak monday morning was not what the English channel had in mind. Aside from the wet feet, slight fear of the ocean, and unaligned photographs, the project for the festival of Britain 2022 has begun and Broadcast Industries are steering this ship into a successful first term!

“The first day of our new Studio with Broadcast Industries was a brilliant start to what seems a very exciting project. We started our morning with a trip to The Werks Central, where we were introduced to our new Brief over a coffee. A “get to know each other” game was enjoyed after, to break the ice of introductions between year groups. We then sat through a historical lecture with regards to our new Site; The West Pier, learning about it’s previous programmes and compositions. We then broke for lunch. 2pm came. We reconvened and regardless of a few waves, we set off on our voyage to our Site. All aboard the Rosanne! I don’t believe we knew what we were getting ourselves into, however the journey was great fun. Minus a few Tsunamis, Splash backs and sick-ups, we managed to explore the derelict frame works through photography, videos and what can only be described as sorry scribbles. We disembarked and regained the use of our legs over a stroll to the Pub, where we finished the day with over a debrief and a Pint.”