A lively Election Debate.

Students from across the University filled the Lecture Theatre for an important Pre Election Question Time Debate on Thursday evening to hear from and put questions to Green MP Caroline Lucas, Conservative, Joe Miller, Liberal Democrat Beatrice Bass and Labour candidate and Brighton Alumni Adam Imanpour.  Students were invited to send their questions in advance. The Chair Dr. Mark Devenney, Head of Radical Futures at the University received over 40 questions on a wide variety of topics….. too many to get through on the night.

The panel spent three hours debating and answering questions on student fees and the cost of living in the South East, housing in the city, LGBTQ issues  Brexit, the climate crisis, NHS funding and the future of Universities in general. The event was a partnership between Brighton Students’ Union’s Debating & Law Societies and Brighton Futures, is very much about the issues that will shape our future. We hope that the level of engagement on the night will be an indicator of high turnout of students using their vote on 12th December.