Studio 12 work on housing continues.

As Studio 12 progresses with work on housing at Providence Place in Brighton studio leader Luis Diaz met with the not-for-profit enterprise Public Practice in London. Luis has been invited by Public Practice to contribute to a report offering design guidance for Old Oak and Park Royal Development Corporation (OPDC). This west London development is the largest regeneration project in the UK aiming to deliver 25,000 new homes and 65,000 new jobs. Luis’ research into the significance of arrival sequences in housing for providing a sense of identity and belonging has underpinned the design briefs for Studio 12. The research report by Public Practice is similarly focusing on arrival spaces and shared amenities in high density housing. Luis met with Public Practice, OPDC and two architectural practices, MAE and PH+ to discuss recommendations. The discussions revealed many parallels among the interests of the developers, architects and Studio 12’s research agenda. A proposed project by PH+ for Iceland Wharf (pictured) in London chimed with several projects developed in Studio 12 over the last few years. The report will be completed before Easter and available to the public via Public Practice’s website.