Waiting for the bus will never feel quite the same again.

Bus stops are places where people meet, come together and move apart; they are a junction of society, as well as their functional design, they provide a point of
opportunity to connect and to rest. But when waiting in a bus stop most of us would jump on our mobile phones to kill time, to contact or to be up to date with news, emails, social media feeds…This constant activity allows little time for bodies and minds to relax and regenerate.

So with this in mind BA Interior Architecture first year students are looking at bus stops as a way of tackling either loneliness or providing a place for our minds to rest. The site was of course the iconic, grade-two listed, modernist bus shelters at Brighton’s heart next to the Royal Pavilion. Here students will come up with inventive and canny, socially motivated, talking points, looking for contraptions, devices which suggest idling, the whiling away of a few minutes or embody an idea of a welcome loneliness as much as welcome company.
As a start they have been investigating and drawing the existing site, this will then lead to making a device that allows you to take your/their weight off, either literally, metaphorically or both. Waiting for the bus will never quite feel the same again.