Two Brighton Alumni get selected to exhibit at the first ever Larnaca Biennale.

Two Brighton Alumni are to exhibit at the Larnaca Biennale in Cyprus. Marianna Demetriou and William Mondejar, two recent Architecture graduates at the University of Brighton, have teamed up with the multi-talented Mikey Mondejar to design a piece of art/architecture under the theme ‘Container & Content’ for the first ever Larnaca Biennale. From more than high quality 300 works that were submitted from around the World, we are delighted to announce that they have both been selected to exhibit their work between October and November.

William said “It is both an honour and a privilege for us to announce that we have been selected to be part of the first ever Larnaca Biennale, this year in Cyprus. A massive thank you to everyone who made it possible and looking forward to seeing all of you there.”

The Arts Biennale of Larnaca is the first biennial event ever organized in Cyprus by a group of artists and art lovers. Being one of the oldest cities in the world with rich history and culture stretching for more than 4000 years, along with its beautiful seaside location, nature and historical sites, Larnaca will be an inspiration for all. In addition to the main exhibition, the Biennial will host a series of artistic and culture events in the city such as concerts, plays, performances, and lectures.

Watch this space for more news of the Biennale and William and Mariannas work.