Subject to Change: Radical exchanges of the future high street, Brighton 2030.

By acknowledging that each place exists within multiple times – past, present and future – and the world around us always in the process of being re-made then change is the only constant. Rather than simply dismissing the past or trying to maintain it, what if we were to embrace the area in-between, using its traces as clues, what then would the next iteration be?

Expanding upon themes and methodologies from last year, studio Subject to Change will be exploring, redefining and proposing ‘radical exchanges of the future high street, Brighton 2030’. With the demise of the current high street model – one that simply battles with the digital world – it comes to no surprise that many are questioning, what is the future of the high street? With our belief that change is the only constant we are not fazed by such demise instead our aim is to embrace and supersede such challenges.

Set within Brighton’s many cultural clusters multiple high streets exist simultaneously, your territory will span from Kemptown to Hove as you identify locations that provoke further inquiry – your test-bed to speculate upon the future high street.

Using notions of exchange ( / non- exchange) as a catalyst we will interrogate the high streets historical, current and future uses to establish its underlying ‘ingredients’. In other words, what if we were to move beyond a purely economic point of view, will it reveal that there is more to the high street than simply an exchange of goods? (If so, what more is there?)

As a studio of experimental realists, you will use live-research to underpin your ideas and explorative methods to test, develop and create radical solutions. By embracing the uncertainty of what lay ahead, your role is not to design a ‘finished piece’ but for the moments of flux as your programmes develop, expand, merge and disperse over time within the context of Brighton from present day to 2030. We ask again, what will the next iteration be?

Lucy-Ann Gilbert: Lucy has worked in a range of settings from film to shed building, exhibition design to architectural practice. She has personal interests in exploring through writing, drawing and making from which designs can emerge in informed yet unexpected ways.

Tom Munson: Tom is a designer who lives and works in Brighton. Currently designing cool restaurants. He likes to draw lots of lines, make things and is extremely funny.